Streamer™ Hydration System 2.0 and 3.0L: Use and Care

Posted by Insight Designs on July 17, 2014

Learn the proper way to use and maintain your new Streamer™ Hydration System. Give yourself an upgrade with all Deuter Streamer Accessories.


First Time

Push tube well onto bladder connector or push tube well into detachable hose base until it clicks, re-move the wrapping from the mouthpiece and rinse out.


Slide the Streamer Clip to one side. Open the closure flap and fill with warm or cold drinks. Never fill with liquids that are hotter than 60C or with alcoholic drinks. Fold the flap over the pin and secure by sliding the clip from the side. To cool contents, the Streamer can be half-filled with drinks and placed in the freezer


The leak free valve is opened by turning it half a turn counterclockwise until it stops. Bite down lightly on the valve and suck. The integrated interlock spring means the flow stops automatically. For longer breaks between drinking, turn the valve back clockwise to the closed position. Use the Dirt-Shield™ cap on the mouthpiece for transportation.


Open the Streamer. Remove the tube from the bladder. Pull the soft cover off the mouthpiece. Turn the valve opening a quarter turn to the middle mark, pull off and put to one side (do not remove the 90 degree elbow piece from the tube). Clean all parts with warm soapy water. Never use boiling water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Hold the bladder upside down to drain. Absorb excess water with paper towels. Only reassemble the Streamer when it is completely dry. Keep the bladder away from direct sunlight. Wash thoroughly every time it is filled with soft drinks. If it is very dirty denture cleaner may be used. A simple but efficient way of killing any bacteria that have entered the system is to, place the empty hydration bladder in the freezer. Once frozen, thaw it out and rinse thoroughly.


Please only store your Streamer once it has been cleaned (as described), in a clean and dry place.

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