At Deuter, we stand by the quality of our products and are committed to sustainability. The Deuter Promise guarantees repairs throughout the lifetime of your favorite gear.

Fill Out a Warranty Request Form

It is our responsibility to make sure that our products are functional, durable companions for active people. That is why we invest a great deal of time and effort in the development, testing and repair services of our backpacks and bags. The fact that our products present zero health hazards and are stringently safety-tested and certified is very important to us. Throughout the design, selection of materials, and production process we seek out maximum longevity – sometimes choosing not to follow every trend for increasingly lighter and therefore more delicate materials in favor of building products that are rugged enough to handle the activities and landscapes they are built for. Deuter ≠ dainty.

Despite this, things can and do still break. Sometimes a buckle is caught in just the wrong way, or a zipper loses its battle to the herculean strength of a hangry midnight snacker.

Deuter USA offers a repair service in addition to product replacement for damaged products. As long as it is technically possible (meaning, the pack isn’t at the bottom of the Grand Canyon) and the repairs will not compromise performance of the product, our preference is always to repair your damaged pack.


Terms and Conditions

Legal Terms: If the defects are based on material or manufacturing errors, we promise to repair or replace the product free of charge. Material or manufacturing errors does not include improper usage; personal negligence or willful destruction. Interventions by non-authorized service providers and use of non-original Deuter replacement parts will void the guarantee.

Human-to-human terms: We believe in repairing and replacing every pack we can. If you are unsure, please reach out to us to inquire about fixing your Deuter pack using our warranty form. We will help in any way we can, so that you can get back to adventuring.

The Deuter Promise and Guarantee is a voluntary promise made by Deuter USA. We guarantee the free or minimum-cost repair of defective or damaged Deuter products whenever possible. We will do our best to repair your Deuter product at minimal or no cost to you to ensure a lifetime of use from your Deuter pack.

What's Covered by the Guarantee?

My pack was stolen by a mountain lion: In this case, Deuter will find it difficult to repair your pack. We’re not in the habit of taking on mountain lions. However, since the incident was unintentional, we ask that you reach out to us to see if a reasonable replacement is available.

 I abandoned my pack at the top of a mountain peak: Whoa, sounds like an intense trip! Go ahead and give us a call with the details. If the peak is in Colorado – maybe we can snag it! If not, we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

 My buckle snapped after a heavy refuel stop: Those pesky buckles! Deuter will always provide a limitless supply of replacement buckles and pack parts. Fill out our warranty form to have a buckle sent your way ASAP.

 I had to pull my pack out from a campfire after an unfortunate S’more incident: We’ll examine the pack to see if it’s repairable, and work with you if it’s not. More importantly: we may need to go over some fire safety before giving you fresh gear.

 My straps are completely worn down after 30 years of love and use: Awe, we love you, too! Let’s get you some new straps, though. Deuter packs are meant to be comfortable, and your pack has earned a little repair service!

 I shipped my pack across the world by boat, plane, and truck without packaging it: We don’t know what mystical happenings occur in the cargo hold of an aircraft, but sometimes healthy packs emerge looking as if they’ve gone through a garbage disposal. If you’re pack is significantly damaged, take pictures and fill out our warranty form. Be sure to name the airline, so we can have some words.

 My seams are beginning to loosen near the handles after loading huge sandbags into my pack while training: It sounds like you’re training for something epic, and there’s no way Deuter would leave you with a pack that’s beginning to fray. Fill out our warranty form and note any deadlines before your trip so we can get you geared up with the right pack.

 My internal lining ripped after filling the pack with sharp cooking utensils: Yikes – hopefully nothing poked into you, and it was just the pack that took some gashes! We will help repair this pack, and we will also recommend the purchase of the much safer, versatile utensils: sporks!

*We are happy to offer the Deuter Promise and Guarantee to our customers. Not only is it better for you, we also know repairing is better for the environment. We believe that ensuring a lifetime of use for every product we make is one of the most valuable ways to conserve resources.


As a manufacturer, we assume a limited lifetime warranty for every Deuter product.

If the defects are based on material or manufacturing errors, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. Material or manufacturing errors does not include improper usage; tampering by humans, animals, aliens, mythical creatures, or the undead; personal negligence or willful destruction; normal wear and tear; defects that have only insignificant effects on the value or serviceability of the product; or acts of nature beyond control. Interventions by non-authorized service providers and use of non-original Deuter replacement parts will void the guarantee.

The Deuter Promise and Guarantee is a voluntary promise made by Deuter USA. We guarantee the free or minimum-cost repair of defective Deuter products whenever possible. We will do our best to repair your Deuter product at minimal or no cost to you to ensure a lifetime of use from your Deuter pack.


1. Fill out our Warranty Request Form

If you believe your Deuter product is defective, requires a spare part, or needs repair services, please fill out and submit our warranty request form, located here. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP – we will often send replacement parts directly to you without requiring a physical pack examination. Save yourself time and money by filling out the Warranty Request Form.

Our warranty office will reply within one week of receiving your Warranty Request Form regarding next steps for repair or replacement. Please ensure that is added to your email contacts, and double and triple check your spam folder if you believe we have not been in touch. Our warranty office will either notify you that replacement parts are on their way or provide further instruction on shipping your product directly to Deuter USA. Please follow all instructions provided in the email from

2. Clean Your Product

For sanitary reasons and out of respect for our employees, your Deuter product must be clean and completely empty before you send it in for repair. Clean products help us avoid quarantining Deuter employees in the warehouse with only protein bars and water to survive, as well as ensure a speedy processing time. Dirty products give our repair teams watery eyes, respiratory distress, and sometimes skin rashes – if you’d like to avoid extensive staff breaks for recovery, please note our care instructions.

3. Ship Your Product to Deuter

If your Deuter product is deemed repairable by our warranty office, you will be sent a Return Authorization (RA) number to identify your claim. We recommend that you write your RA number on the outside of the box when sending to Deuter USA.

Customers are responsible for getting the product(s) to Deuter USA, Inc. Deuter USA will cover ground shipping from our warranty location back to the customer for all items covered under warranty.

Note: We strongly recommend that all returns sent to Deuter USA, Inc. are carefully packaged, insured, and have a tracking number. Deuter USA, Inc. cannot accept responsibility for shipments that did not arrive or are damaged by the shipper.

4. Confirmation and Cost Estimate

A repair or replacement is free of charge if it is subject to an eligible warranty claim. Otherwise, we will repair your product for a small fee. If the repair services do not fall under our warranty, Deuter USA will email you with a price estimate to repair your product. When repairs fall outside of our limited lifetime warranty, we offer minimum-cost repairs to Deuter products. Deuter USA offers this service to continue the lifetime of an otherwise functioning pack, without causing great expense for our customers. Customers must approve the cost estimate and fill out a credit card authorization form before Deuter USA’s warranty team will repair their product.

5. Product is Repaired and Returned to You

During busy season (March – September) we'll repair your Deuter product within 4-6 weeks of receiving it. Off-season repair times are shorter. For faster turnaround, please consider sending your products back during the fall and winter months.

Once it is repaired, Deuter USA will notify you when your pack returns from the shop and the day it ships out, along with the coinciding tracking information for your product. Soon after, you’ll receive your pack and be able to get back out on the trails!

What Happens if You Can’t Repair my Pack?

We recommend you use our Warranty Request Form to avoid any Deuter products being sent in that cannot be repaired. Our Deuter warranty team will do their best to repair your favorite piece. If we cannot repair a product that falls under warranty, we will replace the pack. If your chosen pack is unavailable, Deuter will offer to replace your product with a comparable pack. If an unrepairable pack does not fall under warranty, Deuter will ship your pack back free of charge.
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What if I live outside the USA?

Canadian Residents Only
If you are located in Canada and you have a warranty claim, please email Unfortunately, we cannot help you from the USA.

If elsewhere, find your closest Deuter distributor here and contact them directly.

How long does it take to repair a pack?

Repairs take between 4-6 weeks, although during the offseason (fall and winter) repair times can be considerably shorter. If you have an upcoming trip, please be sure to mention any deadlines when filling out our warranty request form. We will be realistic about our ability to complete any repairs before your pack is needed.

Can I repair my pack on my own at a local sewer or purchase a repair set?

Deuter encourages a pack be repaired instead of replaced whenever possible. However, using non-Deuter repair services will void any remaining warranty on your pack. Deuter is not responsible for any product issues following repairs by non-Deuter shops or sewers.

There are no repair sets available for Deuter backpacks. To repair a Deuter backpack you need industrial, heavy-duty sewing machines – so please do not try to repair your backpack at home. Please contact our warranty department for potential options and estimates.

What do I do if I need a spare part?

It’s your lucky day! We have an entire small room full of spare parts. We have so many spare parts that we often lose our Warranty Manager, Mason, among them for days at a time. Fill out our Warranty Request Form here and we’ll send you all the spare parts you need.

What happens if you can’t repair my pack?

It is very rare that our pack experts cannot repair a pack. If this does occur, we will offer a replacement pack when the original product falls under warranty. If your pack does not fall under warranty and cannot be repaired, we will ship the pack back to you at no cost.

Who are Deuter USA’s repair and sewing experts?

We use both our inhouse team as well as partner with a local mountain gear repair master, located in Boulder, CO for more heavy-duty repairs. Our experts level of experience means that the shop is constantly filled to the brim with repair work. Due to this high volume of requests, the most expediant way to have your pack repaired to to submit it through our warranty process. 

What things aren’t covered under our warranty policy?

There are very few things we don’t cover – at Deuter we aim to keep our customers happy and your pack on the trail! But, we do need to be realistic in our coverage. We do not cover extreme mishaps from animals, fire, theft, or misuse of the product.

Every repair case is unique; we promise to do our best to make it right for you. Give us a shout via our Warranty Request Form and let’s work it out!

Do I need to be the original owner of my Deuter product?

In our effort to conserve our packs and create a seamless experience for our customers (pun intended), we do not require you to be the original owner of a pack to request repairs. We understand a Deuter product may be given as a gift or inherited. Our goal is to repair any Deuter product that needs a little love.

Can you fix hydration systems?

Hydration systems follow the same warranty restrictions as our packs – we will not cover extreme mishaps from animals, fire, theft, or misuse of the product. If you believe your hydration system is malfunctioning, please fill out our warranty request form , clean out your system, and wait for further instruction from our repair team.

How much will non-warranty repairs cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot determine set costs since each pack repair will be slightly different. We will confirm any expenses with you before progressing with repairs. You will never be caught off guard with a bill from Deuter. Estimates will be provided as soon as we are confident with the level of repair needed. In some cases, this can be determined after the warranty request form is received, in more difficult cases our team will need to physically inspect the pack first.

For additional information concerning warranty, parts, or repairs please contact our warranty department via email